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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $200! Extra 5% off on your first order! Enter WELCOME5 at checkout!
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CELL 2.0 Modular shelving system


Why you should choose CELL the open-ended shelving system?

- Find your perfect match with more than 40 elements that can provide thousands of combinations. 

- Eco-friendly and easy to assemble. Kids are welcome to assemble too. 

- Redesign with lower cost. You can add parts to it, change the design, split it into two, or join two into one, by ordering a few more items anytime. 

- No waste and abandonment. We are happy to collect the unnecessary parts from you with the credits offered! 


Personalize your shelf is as easy as a click:

1. Measure the width of your space and choose Board.

In general, the first board from the bottom should be the largest in size. 

The second board from the bottom should be the same size as the first one or one size down. Make sure the foundation of the structure is strong and stable. 

From the third board and above, you can choose any size of them. 


2. Count the holes of the bottom board and pick Leg

In most situations, you need at least four legs. Remember more legs provide stronger support. You can have as many legs as the holes of the first board. 

The number of legs does not need to be even when the number is bigger than four. 

3. Calculate the Rod

You will need at least four rods between every two boards. Same as the legs, more rods provide stronger support. Add the numbers together carefully. 

The length of the rods should be the same between the two boards. 

We suggest getting the exact number of rods before you purchase. Fewer rods may cause the failure of assembling. 


4. Add Cap and Ring

Count rods under the top board. The caps should be the same number. 

Rings are used to connecting two rods into one. It takes place of the board. Not every shelf needs rings. 


5. Almost done! You can keep your shelf simple or complete with Accessories

We suggest all shelves, chests of drawers, or any heavy furniture that can be possibly moved, must be attached to the wall. If you have kids running in the house, please complete your shelve with BRACKET.

You can add extra protection and colours to the shelves too! If you do, make sure the SOCKS are the number as the legs. NOODLES are the correct sizes for the boards. 


Now you can put your order through!

Don't worry. We will check your order before process it to make sure your design works. If we see any problem, we will send you an email to discuss. 

Have fun!